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The Manufacturing Hub Episode #003! :studio_microphone:

Manufacturing Technologies, IoT, Predictive Maintenance, AR/VR, Big Data, and More: In the third installment of the Stream / Podcast, we go over the following manufacturing technologies: IoT, Predictive Maintenance, AR/VR, and Big Data.

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The Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is a methodology that has been gaining traction over the last decade and was covered on our latest podcast.

Although we are of the opinion that there is an increase of misinformation surrounding this topic, connected device manufacturing and utilization continues to grow within the industry.

Earlier this year, RaspberryPi released the cheapest computer board yet. A number of analysts are projecting the growth of IoT devices all over the world while major OEMs (Intel, Siemens, Microsoft, SAP, Zebra, etc.) are jumping in on the trend.

Worth Reading :newspaper_roll:

GM to idle 3 plants in North America due to semiconductor shortage.

Mazda expects chip shortage to affect about 7,000 vehicles in February.

Seven Reasons Why U.S. Manufacturing Is On The Rise.

7 U.S. Manufacturing Stocks With Strong Dividends.

Latest Tutorials :open_book:

Electrical Panel Wiring Diagram
Electrical panel wiring diagrams are used to outline each device, as well as the connection between the devices found within an electrical panel. As electrical panels are what will contain control systems, panel wiring diagrams are commonly encountered by PLC technicians and engineers.

From the Blog

Everything you Need to Know to Land a PLC Programming Job
In this blog post, we cover all you need to know about PLC programming jobs, what you can expect, what you should prepare for, and ultimately give you an edge over the other applicants.

PLC Programming Tip💡

An essential step of PLC programming is firmware upgrades. When it comes to Rockwell Automation hardware, the firmware can be downloaded for free for all products directly from Rockwell’s Compatibility & Downloads Centre.

Although it may be tempting to flash your hardware to the latest version, make sure to read the footnotes relating to the compatibility with other devices.

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