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The Manufacturing Hub Episode #004! :studio_microphone:

|IoT, Oil & Gas, Military Control Systems, PLCs, Codesys, and More: In the fourth episode of the podcast/stream, we receive a special guest: Sean Terrell. Sean has extensive experience as well as involvement in the manufacturing automation industry. He began his career as a technician on a US Navy submarine. Sean was quick to learn the electrical and communication systems and was offered a job designing guided missiles once he retired from the Navy. His knowledge of control systems brought him to the oil & gas industry where he currently works as a consultant and engineer.

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Industry News :newspaper_roll:

Austin Energy shuts off power to major industrial users – Austin Energy’s biggest customers – industrial users like Samsung, NXP Semiconductors, and Infineon Semiconductors – have all had their Austin operations completely shut down amid the freeze.

The Impact of Biden’s Plan on Reshoring Trends – “Buy American” will borrow some strategies from the Trump administration in targeting China and fueling growth at home.” FANUC and Rockwell Automation Form Coalition to Quickly Address Manufacturing Skills Gap with Robotics and Automation Apprenticeship Programs

New Tutorial :open_book:

How To Program PID Loops In RSLogix 500 – In this tutorial, you will learn about PID loops, take a look at some of the typical uses, and finally run through an introduction of how to implement a PID loop in RSLogix 500.

Allen Bradley GuardMaster Safety Relay Wiring – Safety Circuits play an important role in industrial automation. Their main purpose is to protect the user from any physical harm. However, they keep the equipment from getting damaged as well. In this tutorial, we will take a look at the GuardMaster Dual Input safety relay paired with a SensaGuard safety sensor, understand the application it may be used in, the wiring scheme of both devices, and how they interact with each other.

[Video] MicroLogix 1100 RSLogix 500 External IO PLC Programming – in this tutorial you will learn how to connect an external IO expansion module to our MicroLogix 1100 series PLC. You will modify an existing RSLogix 500 program that was running on the PLC; add a structure for the input card that you select and logic that it tied to the same I/O points. Lastly, you will download the modified program into the PLC and test the I/O you added.

PLC Programming Tip💡

Object-Oriented constructs allow programmers to reuse code, hide proprietary implementations and increase the speed of programming identical or similar systems.

In the world of Allen Bradley Studio 5000 environment, the most important constructs to be aware of are the User Defined Data Type [UDT] and the Add-On Instruction [AOI]. The UDT allows the user to create custom data structures by combining basic ones while the AOI allows the user to create custom functions.

If you aren’t comfortable with either one, we recommend the following resources to get up to speed:

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