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Introducing Practice Challenges! :mountain:

We believe that applying what you have learned to try and solve real-world automation challenges is the best way to improve your skills.

This is why we are launching our Interactive Practice Challenges which will present you with real-world problems to solve and provide you with hints and resources along the way to help you if you get stuck.

Once you’re done, you can compare your solution to ours and go through our detailed video solution walkthroughs.

Try the Challenges

The Manufacturing Hub Podcast! :studio_microphone:

Building a Manufacturing Business | Consulting, System Integration & Associated Challenges – On the last episode of the Manufacturing Hub, Vlad & Dave discussed what it takes to start a business in the manufacturing space. They talk about how they got started, what challenges they faced, what are their goals are moving forward. If you’re interested in starting your own business in the manufacturing space, this episode is for you!

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Industry News :newspaper_roll:

We’re seeing a technological shift in the manufacturing industry. A number of hardware vendors have released platforms that allow traditionally non-manufacturing languages (Java, C, C++, Python) to be used in development. Some of these vendors include Opto 22 (groov EPIC overview) Phoenix Contact (PLCnext) and Turck (Edge HMI Solutions).

We are excited to see these on the market. However, our experience shows that these devices are still not highly utilized in the field and traditional hardware occupies the space. Our outlook is positive and we encourage engineers & technicians to get their hands on some of these technologies. That being said, we don’t believe that the change to these types of controls will happen shortly.

Also worth reading

New Tutorial :open_book:

Getting Started in FactoryTalk View ME HMI Development – In this extensive tutorial, we will be going through the steps required to create a new FactoryTalk View ME application, transfer it to a terminal, retrieve it from the same and establish communications to an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC 1769-L24ER-QB1B.

HMI Design - Best Practices for Effective HMI Screens – Although there is a wide range of HMI-based systems, the basic principles of good design remain the same. Different industries may dictate different patterns of layout for their systems, but good practices remain.

PLC Programming Tip💡

A key element of troubleshooting PLC and control system-related issues is building your support network. Your ability to reach out to a manufacturer, distributor, or service center is going to enable you as an engineer or technician to resolve issues much quicker. We encourage you to utilize external resources, build those relationships and utilize them to your advantage. It’s impossible to have the answer to all the issues that may arise; in those situations, it’s best to call an expert with deep knowledge of that specific area.

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