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The Manufacturing Hub Podcast :studio_microphone:

Ep. 14 - Special Guest [Frank Lamb] - Manufacturing Hub # 14 - Talking Talent – In this episode, we’ll be speaking with about:

:white_check_mark: Building a career in Industrial Automation

:white_check_mark: Systems Integration Business

:white_check_mark: Writing Books

:white_check_mark: Work/Life Balance

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PLC Programming Tip💡

XIC, XIO, and OTE instructions are utilized close to 80-90% of any given PLC program as opposed to other instructions.

Having a solid foundation on how to trace and work with these three instructions, including the flow of logic will make you an invaluable asset in any automation team. Without being completely comfortable with these basic constructs, it’s difficult to master advanced topics such as motion controls, IO control, HMI interfaces, and more. Take your time to master the basics.

To accomplish the above, we recommend that you work in your favorite PLC programming environment and build a variety of scenarios of different rung layouts.

New Tutorial :open_book:

Introduction to Add-On Instructions (AOIs) – In PLC programming AOIs are custom functions defined by the programmer. They can be used within a PLC program to standardize the implementation of specific code, shorten development time and reduce possible human mistakes when duplicating code.

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