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The Manufacturing Hub Podcast :studio_microphone:

Ep. 17 - Special Guest [Chris Luecke] – In this episode, we’ll be speaking with Chris Luecke about:

:white_check_mark: Establishing an Online Presence

:white_check_mark: Marketing Leadership @ Fiix

:white_check_mark: Going Above & Beyond in Sales

:white_check_mark: Delivering Value

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PLC Programming Tip💡

There are two types of timer instructions available in most PLC programming languages: standard and retaining.

In RSLogix, those instructions are TON and RTO respectively. The difference between the two is that the TON instruction will reset back to 0 when it’s set to low while the RTO timer will keep the current value until it is explicitly reset to 0.

This minor programming difference can be leveraged in specific situations such as the cooking time, the filling of a tank, etc. The RTO is ideal in those cases as an interrupt does not mean that the operation needs to restart from the beginning; it can continue from where it was left before an outage.

New Tutorial :open_book:

Servo Motor Introduction & Kinetix Selection Guide – Servo Motors are used in industrial applications where accuracy in positioning is required. They provide a level of control that is impossible to achieve with any other motor type but do come at a premium cost and integration time. In this guide, you’ll learn the basics of servo motors, and how to pick the right model for your next integration project.

Festo Servo Motor Tutorial - CMMT-ST-C8-1C-EP-S0 Festo Automation Suite Drive Software Installation – In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install the Festo Automation Suite, the Plug-In driver, and how to configure the hardware/software for your first project.

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