The Automation Newsletter #17

:studio_microphone:DevOps in Industrial Automation

This month’s theme is all about DevOps in industrial automation. We speak with industry professionals & founders to learn about the role of DevOps in manufacturing and discuss new technologies, and trends in the industry

Manufacturing Hub Episode #30 – In this episode we speak to Francisco Carrión, the CEO of Automation Solutions Ecuador. Francisco is a systems architect that built a company on servicing manufacturing plants all over Ecuador and abroad. We discuss the role of DevOps in industrial automation, industrial automation in Ecuador vs North America, and explore the future of manufacturing.

Manufacturing Hub Episode #31 – In this episode we speak with John Piller, Senior IoT & Controls Engineer at Liveline Technologies. We discuss, building control system for prisons, academia v. industry, machine learning, DevOps, and the next generation of controls solutions, and when we can move controls to the cloud, and how this adversely affects rural locations.

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:open_book: New Tutorials

Linking an Add On Instruction in RSLogix 5000 to a FactoryTalk Studio Faceplate Design When it comes to HMI design in FactoryTalk View Studio, Global Objects let you efficiently implement, reuse, and update common and repeatable elements in your projects. In this tutorial, you’re going to design and execute an Add On Instruction in RSLogix 5000 and link it to a Faceplate in FactoryTalk View Studio.

Understanding & Using electrical Panel Wiring Diagram Electrical Drawings provide a specification list to which electricians and engineers will design and assemble the control panel used in manufacturing and the industry. By using the schematic, it’s possible to identify elements within the panel, validate the connections and troubleshoot field issues when they occur.

How to build a project from scratch in Siemens TIA Portal v16 and v17 In this 6 part series learning path, you’ll go through all the steps required for building a batching system using Tia Portal v16 and am S7-1200 PLC.

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Are Raspberry Pi’s Industrial Grade?

  • Yes! Let’s Install Them
  • No! For Prototyping Only
  • Nop! Not Cost-Effective
  • Other (Please Comment)

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