The Automation Newsletter #18

:studio_microphone:The Business of Systems Integration

This month’s theme is all about the business of systems integration. We speak with industry professionals & company founds to learn what it takes to start & grow a system integration business from scratch.

Manufacturing Hub Episode #34 – We speak with James Dean from Appalachian Automation. James has been extremely successful at running his own system integration firm and has mentored many others to do the same. He shares his knowledge on how to get started in systems integration and what it takes to be successful within this field in general.

Manufacturing Hub Episode #35 – Justin shares his experience building companies as well as working for others. What are the benefits? What are the risks? How to do it best?

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:open_book: New Tutorials

How to Install and Configure RSLogix 5000 Emulator – This tutorial covers the various software applications needed to set up an emulator and how to configure them. Some of those applications include RSLogix 5000 Emulator, RSLinx, RSLogix 5000.

Understanding and Using FIFO’s in Studio 5000 – In this tutorial, you will learn what a FIFO is, how to set one up in Allen-Bradley’s Studio 5000 software, and how useful they can be.

How To Use BOOTP / DHCP Tool Set An IP Address Of a New Rockwell PLC – BOOTP / DHCP tool from Rockwell is a necessity when it comes to working with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). However, it is a somewhat controversial tool as it still has a lot of bugs and quirks which frustrate even the most experienced programmers. In this tutorial, we will be exploring the proper use of this tool as well as go over some of the common pitfalls for those who need to set an IP address of their PLC.

:toolbox: Who’s Hiring?

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Stryten Manufacturing | Process Controls Engineer | Multiple Locations, USA

Envision Automation & Controls | Controls Engineer | Chandler, Indiana, USA

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