1756_L72S Processor responding slow for Uploading/Edit Changes

PLC - 1756 _ L72S- 30.14
Studio 5000 - Version
EthernetIP Protocol
Ethernet node used - 58
1 standard task
1 safety Task
6 periodic tasks

Memory Used: 20%

we have allen bradly PLC (details above)
since last few weeks the resposne of the plc for editing,uploading,downloading got really slow,
even browinsg through the logic is also laggy.

How to improve the communication and respond time?


The first question I’d ask is how you connect to this PLC. Are you going to an EtherNet card, then the backplane?

If so, what’s the EtherNet card in question? Has it been upgraded to the latest firmware?

Next, I’d verify how full the connections of the PLC are. 58 nodes is fine, but these nodes may be constantly sending info to/from the PLC. You can see this information on the ethernet card.

Next, I’d check how the PLC is executing the logic. If all of your logic is executed cyclically, you may want to schedule it to reduce the load on the CPU.

If none of those are issues, I’d check your network at the plant. How busy is it? Do you have a Stratix switch that can monitor the traffic? Are you using a wireless connection?

Hope some of those helped; let us know what you find.

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I have tried something that seems to work,

checked the task monitor for processor health.

we had 6 peridoc task and scan rate was really fast for some of the tasks, one it was 3ms, causeing it overlap issue.
i have increased scan rate for the all the program.

taking off some load from CPU.


3ms is extremely fast; I’d never set even the latest Rockwell PLCs that low. That would definitely cause issues.

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