AB-PLC wifi - with esp32

Hi, I’m currently studying at my college and I have to work on a project which is as follows: “Fully automated warehouse, 3D palletizing, Use PLC, pick and track random packages.” I plan to add an HMI to control the process with Ignition. I want to connect the AB-PLC to the internet using Wi-Fi. My question is, how can I make this connection using a module like the ESP32? Thank you very much.

Hi Jaime,

Current (and old) AB PLCs are already equipped with EtherNet access. You just need a wireless access point, and it will be on Wi-Fi. In other words, you don’t need an ESP32 module. I access my PLC over Wi-Fi using a TP-Link Nano router the cost of which is ~$50.

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If you’re talking about data transmission, it can be a bit more complicated. Ignition has out-of-box drivers that hook directly into AB PLCs. However, you can tie into something like an ESP32 using MQTT. The simplest approach would probably be using Node-Red running on a local linux server.

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