ABB drive ACS880-01

Is possible to insert the parameter in the drive with an auxiliary 24 V dc, without the three phase power supply?
Thank you


I’m not familiar with the ABB drive you’re referring to. Generally, it should be possible to program the control modules without mains power based on my experience with Allen Bradley drives.

It is possible to program the Control Module of the drive through USB without main power. I haven’t tested if it was possible to power the module with 24VDC only; I’ll try to test that over the weekend and get back to you.


Thank you Vlad. I connect the external 24 V DC to pin 34 and insert the parameters, but I have a fault in the screen (fault 510).


Unfortunately, as mentioned above, I don’t have that much experience with the ABB drives and don’t have one on hand to test. I’m not able to help you out more on that beyond pointing you to the manual. I’m assuming that you’ve already looked there.

Perhaps other forum members have an insight on this?