Allen Bradley ControlLogix/Logix5000 PLC Platforms

Hi Vlad,

I am a novice to Allen Bradley PLC world. Can you please advice me where to start with programming? I am looking after entry level job in control system engineering with PLC knowledge.
I have watched your videos in Youtube and those one’s really good and easy to catch.


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I think you can find some interesting pointers in this guide.

My suggestion would be to focus on important topics like conditional boolean logic (e.g. XIC & XIO Instructions) and output boolean logic (e.g OTE & OTE Instructions). Don’t worry about the advanced stuff, you don’t need it to get an entry-level job.

If you can, get yourself a PLC trainer kit and start practicing. That will accelerate your learning. If you’re interested, you can build your own. Here is how you can do that.

I hope this helps! Best of luck and don’t hesitate to post any other questions. Happy to help!

I would start by downloading RSLogix 500 lite and RSLogix Emulate; they’re both free and we have videos on where to get them. You can learn a lot of basics using RSLogix 500 and land your first job. Once there, you would typically be exposed to RSLogix 5000 and Studio 5000. At that point, you’ll have real applications to work on and build your skills.

This is exactly what I did. It is very helpful for ladder logic, but please expect to buy a Micrologix 1100 as part of the learning process. The emulator won’t help with wiring at all. It also won’t help at all with the initial configuration process of the PLC. Used PLCs can be had on ebay for < $150 shipped.

The free software can work fully with a Micrologix 1000 or 1100.

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100% agree with this.

The ML1100 is an excellent PLC on which you can learn everything you need to land a job and it’s widely used in the industry.