Allen-Bradley visualization architecture (SiVArc analogue)

Dear community,

I am trying to find a tool for Allen-Bradley PLCs similar to SiVArch for Siemens PLCs to automatically generate faceplates and connect them to the correct tags based on predefined rules. Does anybody know if such a tool exists? I have searched the internet and various manuals but could not find anything similar. I only found that there is a way to export different objects, including faceplates, in XML format. Perhaps one could use an external tool to generate the faceplates and connect the tags with that tool, then import the XML file back into the project with the faceplates already generated and properly connected.

Having a tool like SiVArch for Allen-Bradley PLCs would be beneficial as it would save a lot of time, and manual work, and significantly reduce errors. Could you kindly help me if there is a tool like SiVArc for Studio 5000? Thank you!