AWS and PLC uses in the automation industry

does anyone have an idea how can AWS be useful with PLC’s? Thank you

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Well, cloud computing is certainly gaining traction in manufacturing for use-cases like cloud data storage, remote control system monitoring, and overall cost-reduction compared to on-site servers.

I would say AWS and Microsoft Azure are the top platforms in the manufacturing sector.

Thank you for reply. I’m very new to the Automation industry. I currently work at a factory in southern California producing masks, but I have no idea how can cloud computing help in this case. Do you have any articles I can read that helps me understand what cloud computing is and how it is related in the control system? Thank you

Hey @Mohamed_Fadel, welcome to the SolisPLC forum :wave:

There are tones of resources out there to learn about cloud computing in general but I would suggest you get started with this with free courses on the EdX platform. Here is an example of an introductory course by IBM

If you’re interested in going further and getting a certification that could be helpful for you as an automation and controls engineer, check out this article

If I find any resources that are specific to cloud computing in control systems, I’ll make sure to share them here.

I hope this helps!

Mohamed, you’re asking a fairly general question. Cloud computing is just an off-site server that can easily scale in resources. If you’re truly trying to understand what it can be used for, I’d look into bottlenecks for which on-site servers are ineffective or are too costly.