Best way to incorporate .Net calls

Hello all,

I am looking at a piece of equipment that seems to be able to be controlled only by a .Net API. It isn’t clear to me the best way to “call out” to .Net or any other programming language from a ladder logic program. Any tips or advice?


Hi Garet,

I’m not an expert in .net; I’ve raised this question with a friend of mine who is an expert in this. The answer he gave is as follows:

Depends on the controller. It will be difficult for most ladder logic programs to do this. You really need an API that does unsolicited messages. I’ve done these in the past. You then just put some message instructions in the ladder logic like if you were messaging another ControlLogix. I have also done Siemens Server before that basically does the same thing. Unsolicited messages via TCP.

Hope that helps…