Bill of Materials

I am searching for the BOM for the PLC mentioned in the Udemy training course so I can follow along and learn.
Thank you

Hi Robert,

Here are the bare minimum parts that you would need to follow along:

Control System

  • CompactLogix | 1769-L16ER-BB1B x1

I/O System for PointIO Module

  • EtherNet Connection Point | 1734-AENT / 1734-AENTR
  • 24VDC Digital Input Card (sink) | 1769-IB8 x1
  • 24VDC Digital Output Card (source) | 1769-OB8 x1
  • Analog Input Card (current) | 1734-IE4C x1
  • Analog Input Card (voltage) | 1734-IE2V x1
  • Terminal Base (spring) | 1734-TBS x4

I hope this helps.