Buying a PLC to Allen Bradley Simulation?

I have a question, do I need to buy a plc in order to do simulations on Allen Bradley? Thank you.


you dont need buy a plc to do simulations, you need only get the programs (rslinx classic, logix emulate and rslogix500 or Studio 5000) with these programs you can build plc programs, test and run them .

The best way is to build your own little training test bench. You then get to begin from configuration, assigning slots, etc. BUT there is an emulator which does virtually the same thing. I have both. If you do the emulator, you would essentially be able to do the real thing too.

Hey @J-PLC,

As mentioned above, you don’t have to buy a PLC, you can just download RSLogix 500, RSLogix 500 Emulate, and RSLinx. Here is a tutorial to help you do that:

Also, as @Mike mentioned, building your own training kit is not only a fun project but also great for learning. Check out this tutorial:

Thank you very much to everyone for the help. I downloaded the programs and see the tutorial but I couldn’t get the I.P address that I think is for emulate it I did automatic but never showed it

Can you post more information? The emulator should not have an IP address associated with it; it should be a node instead.

Awesome will do thanks mate