Can I get RS Logix 5000 trial version or not?

Hi there ,I am a beginner user of RA control solutions,
I am now studying course PLC Programming - RS Logix & Studio 5000, 500 | Hardware & Software
Q1-So can I get RS Logix 5000 trial version or not ?
as I think cheapest RS Logix 5000 SW is about 950$.

Q2-and if not ,Can RS logix500 help me to continue and finalize this course ?

Q3-I have another question, should I download control flash plus to upgrade/downgrade my cards, or it will be downloaded with RS Logix 5000 when I install it ?


hey samer_samy how are u.
I have answered all your questions below.

  1. There is no trial version for RS Logix 5000. The cheapest option is around $950.
  2. Yes RS Logix 500 can help you understand PLC programming concepts
  3. Control Flash Plus is not included with the RS Logix 5000. So to upgrade your card you will have to download it separately for firmware update.
    I hope this will help you.