Choosing between MicroLogix, CompactLogix and Micro800 PLCs

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I’m looking for feedback about the three PLC types: Micro, compact and Micro800 series. My company has been using primarily the CompactLogix series, but in some of the recent projects, management has been trying to cut cost and see if we can choose a less expensive platform to run the same process. Is there an easy way to figure out if these platforms would be compatible for our application?

Any thoughts or advice based on your experience?

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the micrologix has been on the market for two decades and some of its models are already discontinued, if not, do work with rslogix500, it may take you more time to develop the logic, although there is a tool to go from RSLogix500 to 5000.
the micro 800 is currently the plc of low rockwell cost, programs the CCW software.
and the compact is the rockwell mid-range you work with rslogix5000.
I have worked with the 3 PLCs, if you want to reduce cost I would recommend the micro800, it depends on the amount of IO you have, you can choose the 820 or 850. If it is a standard solution you will have to do it again on the micro800, until now I don’t know one tool from RSlogix5000 to CCW.

I believe it depends on the system, the design as well as the external hardware. The Micro800 series PLCs have several variations. However, I’ve almost never seen them in large manufacturing plants; only in small skids. The companies I’ve worked for would typically prefer the ControlLogix line. However, they’d come at a steep price which isn’t always easy to justify in a smaller/simpler system.

My advice for my current clients is to consider the low-end CompactLogix (L16ER) first. If that isn’t enough capability, you have the new 5069 series CompactLogix PLCs.