Commissioning a Servo Motor with Siemens Sinamics Starter

Sinamics Starter is the main software from SIEMENS Automation for driver and servo driver configuration, parametrization, and control development. The proper commissioning of drivers is key in ensuring secure and error-free operation of process control and machine operations.

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Can you please help me here Karim, i want to learn how to control bush pressing machine, how to communicate PLC s7 300 with rexroth drive(ECCO Drive) and Kistler control unit

Hi , i also have a problem , everything is ok until i click "assume control priority ", i check conections , but everytime when i try to assume control priority , i am automaticly disconected. Can someone help me please ?


Maybe @Letacio.Lins can help.

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Hi @Adrian_Dulgheru !

Please make sure the correct motor and hardware parameters were applied, in the earlier steps(I always recommend doing a factory reset if possible).

Under the control panel windows, there’s an “Errors” tab, is there any notification there when this problem occurs?

Also please check the infeed status (voltage, power readings and enables missing)