Communication over EtherNet between MicroLogix and CompactLogix using MSG


Your objective is to create a data link between two PLCs. The system is used to pass 10 Integers and 32 Boolean values from a MicroLogix 1100 PLC to a CompactLogix PLC.


  • MicroLogix 1100 PLC [1763-L16BWA]
  • CompactLogix 1100 PLC [1763-L16BWA]
  • Unmanaged EtherNet Switch


  • RSLogix 500
  • Studio 5000 v.30

Components to Resolve

  • How to read tags from a MicroLogix PLC in Studio 5000.
  • How to pass 10 Integers and 32 Booleans worth of data.

System Operation

  1. The two PLCs are on the same subnet. For the purpose of this exercise let us assign the IP addresses of to the MicroLogix and to the CompactLogix.
  2. The CompactLogix PLC will read the data every 100ms from the MicroLogix.
  3. The CompactLogix PLC will store the data into a specified array.

Bonus Challenges

[Bonus 1]: Utilize a UDT that will store all the required data.

[Bonus 2]: Create a structure that would receive and send data.

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