Communication setup and getting tag from PLC to factorytalk


I am trying to get offline and online tag from my Compactlogix PLC to factorytalk, But somehow I couldn’t get it. Neither offline nor online. Any suggestion?

Thank you

I’d be happy to help. Where are you getting stuck? Is the factory talk application setup to communicate with the PLC? Can you see any other tags? Is the PLC on the same network?

There could be a number of issues in this; walk me through the setup.

Lets talk about offline tags first. I gave the path for offline file which I saved from plc. Verified and pop up said offline tag uploaded successfully.
When I go to connections I don’t see anything even after refreshing all folders. Only system tags.
Same thing for online tags. I was online with the plc and gave the sortcut path to controller in factorytalk setup.

A few thoughts there…

  1. Did you refresh all folders in the tag browser? It doesn’t immediately show offline / online tags; a refresh must be done.

  2. Is the .ACD file located on your local machine? Is must be on the same machine as the Factorytalk view is installed. It can’t be inside a VM, remote server, etc.

  3. This is probably correct, but the tags must be read/write in the file; they can’t be set to “None”.

  4. Restart RSLinx Enterprise - close the tag browser, go to the start menu, control panel, admin tools, services. Right click RSLinx Enterprise and select Restart.

I watched your video twice very carefully and many other videos just to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong. I did save the file in my laptop, I don’t have VM.

I did refresh all folder tab many times. and also restarted laptop many times. Just one thing I uploaded the file which was version 9 and I am using version 13.

Also when I don’t connect to plc and try to get offline tags it gived some error regarding edp file missing. I can give you exact picture when I go back to office on monday. But for online tags there was no error, but if I give path for offline file, it say office tags uploaded successfully.

Note: I delete the existing shortcut and made new shortcut and attached to controller. I went to connection and it was still showing me old shortcut. It didn’t get my new shortcut

when that happens to me, delete the shortcut, delete the ethernet path and then create a new one and that’s it.

I did that as well. But when I delete the shortcut and made new one. I couldn’t able to see in connections. I was still seeing old shortcut with no online/offline tags.

That’s interesting; I’ve not experienced this issue before. So just to clarify, you can’t see the tags online for this controller or offline for the same controller file that you upload into FTView? If that’s so, are you able to see any other tags from that FTView project? Keep in mind that some of the terminals (non-Performance) are limited to a single PLC connection. That being said, it shouldn’t limit on the software side, only once you upload to the terminal.

Can you send me the file (both the FTView and ACD) to see if I have the same problem on my end? It may take me some time depending on the version of your HMI / PLC.

Hello Vald,
Sorry we were little busy didn’t get chance to reply back.
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