Compactlogix 1769 L32E Troubleshooting

Hi All,

I have a 1769 L32E Compactlogix. I’m having a problem with the ethernet port in the tree" The dreaded Yellow Triangle". I’m able to connect throught RS232 and go online but unable to connect through the ethernet port!


  1. Are you ping the controller?
  2. Did you check the IP you have in the general tab?
  3. In the port configuration tab you can set the IP.
  4. In Connection tab under module fault, does the error number appear?
  5. Check that it is not inhibited?


  1. As you can see on the image, access the general tab of ethernet card properties and verify that the IP address of your card has been set. Make sure your controller is on the same network as your computer.
  2. Go on " connection " tab and see the fault description. You might post the screenshoot of the connection tab so we can help you with that. The next steps of the troubleshooting will depend of the nature of the fault.
  3. If you need to, go on Rslinx, and configure a new Ethernet/IP driver to establish the connection between your computer and your controller. Feel free to post as much information as you can.

I posted some screenshots below. The problem I believe is the Yellow triangle over the ethernet port in the tree. I don’t know how to clear it.

1769 1

1769 2

It’s an interesting fault which I haven’t seen myself. The L32E controllers have an embedded, yet separate module for Ethernet communication. It’s possible that the module is simply damaged.

I would recommend performing a firmware flash to see if that solves your issue. If it doesn’t, there may not be any other option.

If the module is still working, it can be used in a local machine or for programming practice.

All the best…

Hi Wjb,
Based on the images you posted, it makes sense that you won’t connect. You did not created a path from your computer to your ethernet port. in order to do so, you need to do 3 things:

  1. From the general tab on studio5000 ( your first image), go ahead and set the IP address for your module. Then clic apply and ok. For instance
  2. Go on Network and sharing center, manually configure your ethernet card and the IP address to be for instance. See image 1
  3. Go on rslinx and configure an Ethernet/IP driver (see image 2). Once you select Ethernet/IP a new window will prompt you to select the network to which you want to connect your controller. Go ahead and select the ethernet card with IP address that you set earlier (image 3) then clic apply and ok. Make sure that the status shows : runnning. (image 4). If all that is done properly, you should see the controller and I/O modules drop down on left side tree on rslinx , same thing on rslogix5000/studio5000. (see image 5)
    image1 image2 image 3 image4 image5