ControlLogix Power Supplies

Hi, I’m currently working on a project that requires ControlLogix 120V AC I/O modules. What is the correct power supply part# I need? I found one that has an input range of 85 - 265V AC but I did not see anything about 120V AC output? Does the 120V AC input power supply output 120V AC and 24V DC through the chassis for different voltage modules? I just want to make sure I get the correct power supply for my application. I have used tons of 24V DC power supplies but never any 120V AC.

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the chassis power supply is only for bus powering the cards in the chassis. Ej. You can have a 1756-PB75 with an IA card that are discrete at 120.

You use the external power supply if you have a signal that needs 24vdc.

In your case if all your IO is 120 you can use the 1756-PA75 for chassis power. for 1756-IA16 inputs and 1756-OA16 outputs. or you can use 1756-OW16 relay outputs.