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Hi there,

I’m loving the vids for AB Studio 5000. In order to follow them effectively, I have purchased a 1756-L62 processor, backplane, and ENBT card, and some I/O cards. Everything is working great, thanks to some help from SolisPLC!

I’m trying to follow the TankFillChallenge exercise in Challenge 2, but I don’t have any knowledge yet of FT View Studio. I have the licence and activation, but no experience. Would you be willing to provide your HMI as downloadable content that I can use? That way I would be better able to follow your example.


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Hi Chris,

I don’t have a current backup of that specific HMI file. I’ll try and dig through some old backups and see if I can locate it.

I’ll do my best to save the latest copies of all following developments on GitHub.

Sorry about that,

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@VRomanov Can you please provide the ACD or L5X export file for challenge 2- Tank Filling?

All the files / exercises can be found here: GitHub - VRomanov89/SolisPLC_Development: The repository of all files related to SolisPLC Training

If it’s not in that repository, I can help answer questions about it. Let me know how I can help.

Hello @Karim , @VRomanov , where can I find the Project 2- Production Floor conveying system files to download?

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Hi Fredrick,

Sorry for the slow reply. I believe you’re looking for this file

As Vlad mentioned, we put all of the downloadable files in the GitHub repo. If you can’t find something, let us know.