Downloading Studio5000 offline project without overriding tag values


I was wondering what would be the best solution to download a offline Studio5000 project and don’t override the live tag values in the plc with the offline project values.
I read that there used to be a “Data Preserve Download Tool” for this, but this is apparentely discontinued.
I’m looking for best practices and ideas on this topic.


That’s an interesting question… I’ve never ran into a problem with downloading using the project tags…

My only idea, if you needed to get something like this done, would be to create a backup array of critical tags. In other words - in your live program, create an array that would store, let’s call it 10 to 100 tags. When you’re ready to download, back up that array and import it into the offline project. Download the program and then send all of those values into the tags that needed to have their values restored.

As far as I know, there’s no way to merge the tag values of the live project with the download of the offline file.


Thank you for your reply!