Emulate studio 5000V33


When i add the controller type in the slot 2, the follow message is shown : Internal error, fail to install Studio 5000(V33) Logix Emulate in Slot. I want now is it possible to add analog module at the slot.


Are you getting an error code with that message? I’ve not tried v33 of the Emulate software, but I haven’t had issues adding analod modules with the earlier revisions. It should definitely be possible to do that…

With an error code I can look it up further.

Also, can you add it into another slot?

Thank you for your answer, no I hav:nt an error code, I only have the following message: internal error.(failed to install studio 5000 logix emulate in slot).
If you allow, you say that you have no problem adding analog modules, but it gives me access to add only conroller or digital module.

I looked online and it seems that the first solution is found in the patch that was recently released (October 2022). I would start there; if not, proceed to the solutions listed below! It should resolve the issue.