Flex I/O Module 1794-AENTR connection timeout

Please help me with Flex I/O Module 1794-AENTR connection timeout issue.
These are installed at a different location and connected to the controller via fiber optics and media converters.
NET status indicators remains off . once i restart the one media converter , communication becomes healthy. but after some seconds, all 4 Flex I/O modules start having communication issue.NET status becomes flashing red in all the Flex I/o modules in remote I/O panel.
Possible reasons may be connection timeout or IP is not configured properly as per manual.

Please guide for resolution of the same as it is connected to safety PLC.

The flashing red status means that there has been a minor fault on the module. Can you access the PLC which draws IO from this 1794-AENTR card and post the minor fault that you see in Studio 5000? That would be the first step in troubleshooting this issue.

Thank you very much. Shall I access the IP address of the PLC controller which draws I/O from this 1794-AENTR card?

I’m not sure by what you mean in “access the IP address of the PLC”. You need to connect to the PLC using RSLogix / Studio 5000 and read the fault on the card that should be in the I/O tree.