FTV Studio SE lost the SQL LocalDB instance

Well, I installed all the programs (RSlinx, Emulate, Studio 5000 and FTV Studio) and everything ran fine, then I don’t remember whether first or after installing the FTV I installed the SQL SERVER 2014 enterprise. Well, everything was fine until the SQL SERVER trial expired and I had to uninstall and install it again.
There the problem started, because when I want to load my FTV Studio SE application it asks me for the SQL LocalDB instance (I think it’s FTVIEWx64TagDB I’m not sure) which it can’t find and the loading process is canceled. I don’t know where it is or how to rebuild it, nor where are the VBA programs that I used in the application. Maybe you know how to correct this problem. It would be a huge help.

Thanks in advance.


@arg0001 did you figure this one out? I’d be curious to know as I encountered a similar problem in the past.

I’ve experienced this problem myself; didn’t find a solution other than re-installing FTView Studio onto a new VM. I believe that this issue occurred on my end after a windows update.

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There are different ways and it depends on the damage, it usually happens because the path of the SQL is modified, the same if you have FTview installed and you install another SQL.

  1. You can reinstall the FTview
  2. You can open the SQL Management studio and you can recover the database.
  3. From now on you must create your databases with the new username and password (the best thing would be to find, change the sa to the new one)

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