Getting Started in PLC programming

Hi Vlad and SolisPLC community.

I’m a technician who’s just getting started in PLC programming; thank you Vlad for the tutorials. I found your YouTube video on how to get started in RSLogix 500, but I’m having trouble getting the software. It appears that the steps have changed. Can you help me download the software?

Thank you,

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Hi PSer95,

Welcome to SolisPLC; very happy that you’ve found our tutorials helpful.

We’ve noticed that the steps to download some of those software packages have changed and are working on an updated tutorial to get them downloaded and installed. You may still view the original post (if you haven’t already read it) to get through the process:

We will be updating the post as well as our free class with the process on how to install these.

Thank you,

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Hi Vlad!
Thanks to your super classes i have downloaded the software and installed them but cant find a way to integrate them to have the same functionalities as you have in your videos.
Please support!


Can you please post more information? What do you mean by “same functionalities”? What are you missing from the software?


Hi Vlad, thanks for replying.
By that i mean your “action of pressing button atatched to RXlogix500 Hardware”. How to emulate that on Computer?

Oh makes sense.

The way I would typically do that is by using a random bit on the PLC. In other words, instead of using the I:0.0 bit for example, you can use the B3:0. At that point you can just togle them directly or through another application (HMI for example)

Hope that makes sense…

Vlad thanks for your time and constant support but I am a total noob in PLC, a beginner. I was following until downloading the programs from rockwell website then after that, i dont know how to get the programs running.
Are there instructions/guide/video for it just like for other things on your udemy page?