HMI firmware problems

My HMI is around version 8 I do believe. When downloading FTV Studio is telling me I need a patch of some kind in order for this to work. I tried downloading a patch but it didn’t seem to help. I created a runtime and I got some error mentioning bad shortcut and a RSlinxng.exe error. Are you familiar ? I am using version 20 RSlogix and v 13 factory talk along with windows 11.

I propose the following:

  1. In the communication setup, remove any ETH drivers you have.
  2. Delete the shortcut, save.
  3. Close and restart PC.
  4. Start the FTVstudio again and create a new shortcut and eth controller.
  5. if you can test local first and after runtime (copy it to the runtime path and create the .mer)

If the problem persists. Remove Factorytalk linx server, reboot. After
open the studio add a new Factorytalk linx server, again the shorcut and the communication path.