Hmi mer file restore

Hi i have an MER file i want to restore to make changes to it. I have FTV studio version 11, i have uploaded the MER file out of the target screen and when i go to restore it shows version 10 for the mer file. My problem is that it almost gets to restore completely until i get the unable to restore mer file a screen with activex control needs newer version of active x control. I have seen videos pertaining to this and tried to figure out the issue i also installed patches from rockwell claiming to fix the issue but my issue still remains. Any idea on what else i could do to restore such file?

Ps. Im off work today but i will take a picture of the error in the earliest convenience!

Did you try re-installing Active X? I know that it gives a lot of problems to many users. Outside of that, I’d probably search for this issue on the Rockwell knowledgebase, sounds like something they must have covered.