How OPC server can read tags from CPU with ethernet card in remote rack (Rockwell 1756-L72S + 1756-ENBT)?

Hello y’all, this may seem quite silly, but I am cracking my head with this issue.

I have a setup with Rockwell 1756-L72S + 1756-L7SP (partner) and a 1756-EN2T in slots 0, 1, and 2 respectively, in a 9-slot chassis. All other slots in this chassis are being used as well.

I also have, in the same panel, a remote rack in different 9-slot chassis, with another 1756-EN2T to communicate over Ethernet with the CPU. In this remote rack, I have a single spare slot in position 8.

The communication between the Ethernet cards (main rack and remote rack) is made through a Stratix 5700 (1783-BMS10CGP).

So, after the implementation of this project, I was asked to connect our process information management system OPC server (specifically KepserverEX 6) to the machine and make available a full set of controller tags.

Since I had this spare slot in the remote rack, I got an old Ethernet card (1756-ENBT/A), set it to the designated IP address, plugged it in, and boom, it didn’t work.

From the Kepserver side, I can find my Ethernet card but cannot find the controller, which actually makes sense because the controller is declared in another rack…

Anyways, is there a way for the Kepserver to read controller tags through this Ethernet card in the remote rack?

Unfortunately, I could not find any documentation to assist with this question, and it is really the one slot I have available without doing a massive reengineering of my software and the panel itself.

Thanks for any assistance someone could provide.