How to Configure Older 1756 modules


I’m interesting in purchasing some older 1756-L61 type controllers and modules to practice programming on. It turns out that e-bay is a great place to buy them. I’m not sure though how to configure these modules in a new project using Studio 5000. The option to start a project with a 1756-L61 module is not even available.

Can someone please help me figure out how to begin a project using a 1756-L61 controller?

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Hi Chris,

A 1756-L61 PLC can only be used up to version 20 of RSLogix 5000 (See the Rockwell compatibility centre for this model).

To get up to speed on this, you’ll need RSLogix 20 and to flash the firmware on the controller before you can load the project into it.

On the same note, you’ll also need to purchase a chassis, power supply and an EtherNet card to talk to the PLC.

Let me know if you have any other questions; i’d be happy to help you along.

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Thanks very much for that Vlad. I’m really enjoying your vids!

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So I located a 1756-L62 ControlLogix 5562 CPU processor. I’m interested in buying it with the power supply, the chassis, discrete DC inputs and outputs, as well as some DC analog outputs. I’ve also got a 1756-ENET/B for communication picked out.

Do I need to check the firmware version for the I/O or the power supply, or the 1756-ENET/B? Or only the processor? Additionally, can you recommend a DC power supply to connect inputs? Could I possibly get an image of how you wired it up to input and output signals? I’m thinking the wiring could take quite a bit of effort.

I think Rockwell makes it harder to download a firmware like version 20. It is locked and not allowed to download, few times I noticed that you can get a download link, after explaining why need a old version. Make sure you have the firmware downloaded and ready to go (unless the CPU comes preloaded)

Thanks Vlad for your help. I purchased a backplane, power supply, and a bunch of 1756 modules. I’m now trying to configure the ENET/B module I purchased. I’m not having any luck with BootP. I even tried following your video ( PLC Programming - ControlLogix 1756-ENET ENBT EN2TR EtherNet IP Setup Troubleshooting), but to no avail.

I get an error every time I try to use BootP. After I select my card, Windows 10 gives me the following error:

I tried to stop the process, but it starts up again immediately. Can you give me any hints as to why I would get this error? My computer is new, the Rockwell install is new, and I have a switch between the computer and the ENET module.


Hi Chris,

I did a bit of digging and the following Rockwell Knowledgebase Article came up - ID: BF17562 | Access Levels: Everyone

It looks like it outlines this exact issue and the solution to solving it. Let me know if you need further help on how to go through these steps, but it seems like you’ll need to figure out the process that is using the port and move it over or uninstall it…


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Wow! Thanks so much, I’m going to try it right away.


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