Introduction and RS Logix 500

Hello. I’m in the middle of the PLC programming course and decided to check in here. I tried to find and download the free copy of RS Logix 500 that Vlad mentioned at the beginning of Section 4 but couldn’t find it on so maybe the website has changed since then. I think I’m looking for RSLogix micro starter lite w/o RS Linx but all I found was standard RS Logix 500, which I believe I would have to buy. Can someone direct me to the free copies of RS Logix 500, RS Logix Emulate 500 and RS Linx classic?


Let me review that tutorial over the weekend. Rockwell has changed a few things in their website since the time I had created the guide/video.

I will release something by Sunday.

Thank you,

Thanks, Vlad. That will be great.


Hi Mark,

Can you please check the steps outlined here:

I just followed all the steps as they’re outlined and was able to download RSLogix 500.

Hope that helps,