Introduction to Snap7 & Integration Using Python and Siemens TIA Portal

Industrial Ethernet and other TCP communication protocols have become a standard in the industry. Their adoption offers great flexibility when choosing equipment and dramatically facilitates communication between several different devices. It has never been easier to communicate with PLCs or other industrial devices.

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Hi .
Much appreciated for the detailed details.
I have a problem with the setup mentioned.
But unfortunately the connection keep timing out after few hours , I implemented a mechanism to reconnect but still not enough as when this occurred a lost of data is occurring.

Help would be much appreciated or any advise ?

Hi there! Sorry for the late answer!

Can you give us more details about your problem please ? Like some screens of your setup or error messages ? I’l try my best to hep you and find where’s the issue.

Hi there ! i have a question can we use snap7 to communicate with s7-400 cpu with step7