Ladder Logic or Structured Text?

Hey guys,

I’m a student and just started learning PLC programming. I was wondering what would be best to learn between Ladder Logic and Structured Text programming as the best entry point into a career as a PLC programmer? Any tips would be super appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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I am newer also, I think ladder logic, Everything I have come across and have seen in most learning videos is ladder. But Vlad might be able to answer better. How are you going about learning. I have a job as a maintenance tech in a manufacturing plant that makes automative glass. Every line has PLC’s and robots.

If you come from an electrical engineering background like myself, Ladder Logic isn’t that difficult to learn. Also, it’s the most used PLC programming language, which improves your job prospects. I’d definitely recommend getting started with Ladder Logic over any other language.

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Hey @Rouz6, hey @Mo.s,

thanks for the reply. I’ve done some more research and yea, just like you both pointed out Ladder Logic makes the most sense. It’s seems by far the most user language and feels similar to assembly programming with which I’m pretty familliar.


My thoughts are that having a basic understanding of ladder logic is easy. But beginners all know that most programs have enormous complexity.

However with that being said most beginners should start with learning ladder logic.

However, beginners should learn ‘WHEN’ a senior programmer would use ST. What are the advantages of using ST. For instance Vlad has wrote;

*An implementation in structured text allows the programmer to create complex routines and flows that may not always be as easily implemented in ladder logic. For example, a FOR loop would take a single line of code to implement in ST while it requires a separate routine in ladder logic. Furthermore, it’s also possible to leverage string manipulation through Excel in order to create easy to copy and paste code for your simple assignments.

Learn more on his post;

There are times and reasons to use ST.

Just my thoughts>

Each style of programming has its strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are a program developer for a machine buider or working in a manufacturing facility, take the time to learn your customer/audience. Most places still use "ladder’ because that’s what their maintenance staff understands best. Written code means nothing if the end user cannot read it!

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I recommend using ladder logic, it is one of the most used in different software.