Linking PanelView + Logix Designer

Hi guys!

I need to communicate my PanelView with the LogixDesigner for online tests. My FTView ME (test mode) and logix communicate perfectly so I can see my logic works.

Another doubt: I create a communication between my FTView, Logix and Emulate and it works ok. But, when I tried to download my program to my PanelView a error occurs: " the file is not valid".

I’m using logix desginer, logix emulate, ftview me and I want to see my logic working testing through my PanelView.


Hi Mateus,

How are you generating the file for the PanelView and what version of the PanelView are you using? Are you generating an application (.apa) file or a runtime (.mer) file? You need to load the runtime onto the PanelView, otherwise, it will throw that error. Some of the new PanelViews are programmed directly over Studio 5000 and those files types won’t work with them.

My biggest problem it’s communicate all of them: logix designer, logix emulator, Panel and ft view. I tried to create a link between all of them via RSLinx and COM Setup (FTView) but doesn’t work.

In your video, you created so easily haha.

About the PanelView, I’m generating a .mer file. I can dowload if I erase a communication created between logix and ftview (crazy, in my opinion).

That’s very strange. I’d probably have to look at the application. What links aren’t working exactly? Are you able to pass data from RSLogix and Emulate? Is the only problem with the HMI terminal? What faults are you seeing?