Looking For Advice

Hi All,

I’m just looking for advice really, I am a service engineer in the UK, our machinery is automated. I am really keen on the plc side of things, but I am still getting to grips with how all the relays work and the way they’re wired etc…

I was wondering if there is any courses on here that would help me understand the circuit side of things a bit more?

Thanks all


Hey Nick,

Welcome to the community.

We haven’t created resources on electrical concepts yet, but definitely something we’ve thought about.

In terms of specific advice, I believe that a start would be to become familiar with electrical drawings, learn how to trace devices, look at their operation. Perhaps look for an AutoCAD class on Udemy as well. Most of the circuits (relays, VFDs, motor starters, etc.) are wired in the same pattern.

Hope that helps…

Hi Vlad,

I really appreciate the reply and advice. I will get looking on this tonight after work. I have used their site for a course before.

Take care.


Sorry to bother you again ,Vlad. Is there an Autocad you can reccomend for me to learn the schematic side of things? I have looked but not really too sure what is the best one to spend my money on.

Thanks again.

Hey Nick,

I haven’t taken the AutoCAD classes on Udemy, but I would just go with the highest rated / most taken class. Make sure to wait for one of their promotions during which they sell courses at 10$ each. Also, you can easily get a refund if you’re not happy with the class.

All the best,

Thanks Vlad. Appreciate it.

What really helped me was gutting a machine, and re-writing it according to the schematic.

Can see why that would be beneficial.

I have components at home which I am going to start using indoors on a board.

I ain’t a complete novice so it’s not too bad, just want to keep learning.