MicroLogix 1100 Motor Starter Implementation


Create a system that will start and stop a motor using the following components:


  • MicroLogix 1100 PLC [1763-L16BWA]
  • Motor Contactor [Ex: `00-C09A10]
  • Normally Open “Start” Push Button
  • Normally Closed “Stop” Push Button


  • RSLogix 500

Components to Resolve

  • Which inputs and output the system will utilize?
  • What logic do we need to write in order to achieve the system operation described below?

System Operation

  1. The Motor is tied to the three phases of the Motor Contactor.
  2. When the Motor Contactor is energized, the motor is started.
  3. When the Motor Contactor is de-energized, the motor is stopped.
  4. The operator is able to push the start or the stop push buttons.

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