One FactoryTalk HMI to Control Two PLC (on same Network)?

Is it possible to have one HMI for two PLC connected on the same Ethernet/IP network?

The one way I know doing is to have two runtime file on Factroytalk and connected with two plc
However, the customer wants to have two controls similar to two pages?

Thanks in advance.

-Akshay Patel

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It’s definitely possible. On the SE (Site Edition) side, there are no restrictions; you can add as many PLCs as you need in your configuration file. On the ME (Machine Edition) side, the number of PLCs will be limited by the terminal type you have on hand. You have two options:

  1. You purchase a Panel View terminal that is of the “Performance” type. The standard ones can only talk to 1 PLC.
  2. You produce/consume or message your tags from a secondary PLC into the main one and use a single connection. In other words, you’d control the second PLC via the first one that is linked to the HMI.

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Thank you Vlad,
your content on YouTube is really great ! keep the good work going

I understand and liked option 2 but I have question about Option 1 - so, If I buy performance type I can have 2 PLCs on same HMI using ME ??


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Yes, that’s correct. Performance type HMIs have an “unlimited” number of connections.


Is it possible to have one HMI form (ABB plc) DP/DP coupler to Siemens plc connected on the Profibus ?
Screenshot 2023-09-01 025908