Output signal issues

I am using a Keyence FL-(S)(C)001 level probe on a 1756-IF16 analog card. The card is scaled 4-20mA and 0-24 for engineering units. When the probe is unhooked from the plc I have a value o -6 on the plc’s local bit used. No mater the readout on the probe display once it is connected the plc bit has a steady value of 24.873493. Per the manual for the cable, brown is 24vdc, blue is 0vdc, white is signal. This is how I have it hooked up at the plc. 24vdc comes from a power supply 0vdc goes to the comm on the card via contact blocks and then the signal goes to the other terminal on card. What would be the cause of this?

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How is your card wired? There are a few ways you can wire an output of the 1756-IF16 analog card for a current input. Verify the wiring and that you’re using the single wire input per the sensor datasheet.

You’re correct on the sensor side, White is your signal wire.

Outside of the above, do you have another analog source you can validate the input with?

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