PLC Integrated Dashboard Using TIA Portal’s View of Things

In the era of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), seamless connectivity and real-time monitoring are pivotal for efficient industrial processes. However, one common challenge in this landscape is the rapid access to HMI visualizations, especially when dealing with various PLCs scattered across a facility or during maintenance operations. Traditional methods of interacting with HMIs can be inconvenient, often requiring physical presence. For this kind of case, Siemens integrates a web server in all  1200 and 1500 PLC series from which we can interact remotely with the PLC. And thanks to the View Of Things functionality, it is possible to create HMI visualizations directly inside the PLC and access it through web browsers. 

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s7-1200 does’n have VOT funcionality

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Thank you for pointing that our; that’s our mistake. I’ve made the changes in the post and reached out to the author to make sure they’re doing their research correctly.

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