PLC Programming MSG Instruction - Send Data Between MicroLogix & CompactLogix PLCs Studio 5000 Tutorial

Sending data between two Programmable Logic Controllers can pose a challenge. However, in the current manufacturing environments, it’s an absolute must. One of the simplest ways to pass data between two controllers would be through the use of the MSG instruction. This instruction would be utilized within the RSLogix 5000 or Studio 5000 programming environments on an Allen Bradley PLC and Write or Read data from a different PLC.

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Hello, my name is Tim ,
I am having issuse with MSG instruction. I am using a 5069-L320ER Versoin 32.11 to send and recive messiging from a MicroLogix 1400. I am getting ( Parameter error in module configuration) error. I have double check my data types. Even used a L32E and was able to send messages. Has anyone had this problem in the past?

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Hey Tim!

That error code is generic for a number of issues that occur in case of a message instruction. I would check that 1. You have the correct path to your MicroLogix 1400 PLC; the path is tricky in many instances and may cause the error if you aren’t getting to the EtherNet port of the ML1400. 2. Check that you’re using “SLC Typed Read” / “SLC Typed Write” and that you can write read the tags you’re using (it’s possible to restrict the tags to read only). 3. Check that you’re using CIP as the communication method.

Other than that, you should try to simplify the system. Are both PLCs on the same subnet? If not, I’d try to connect them via a direct cable and see if that works. Next, do both instructions give you the same error? Can you try with a blank program in each PLC? Has any config of the ports been changed?

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