PLCnext: in/out ports (GDS), HMI, datalogger and Proficloud

Hey Vladimir,

Thanks a lot for your work with the PLCnext System Integration Fundamentals course.
Liked everyting about it and it really helps me on my way with my first PLCnext project – for a gas sampling and measurement system. ( ;

If I may suggest; maybe you could have a look into making a follow up course to cover more topics of PLCnext (engineer) and programming?
Where you could cover topics such as using in/out ports for data consistency (Global Data Space), making an HMI application (including user inputs), making use of service components such as the datalogger and Proficloud. Making your own function blocks or using C++ could be others.

Anyhow thanks a lot.
Enjoy your day.

P.S. A dedicated course advancing in Structured Text in combination with PLCnext Engineer would be nice too. And/or building a project from scratch, using a combination of structured text, ladder diagram and/or function block diagram as well. And all the options you have with PLCnext Engineer to organise or structure your application; with tasks, programs, worksheets, functions and/or function blocks.

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Thank you for the feedback, Michel!

We’re looking into ways we can improve the PLCnext course and the topics you’ve recommended are on our radar; I really appreciate you bringing this up. I’d also add that feedback like this allows us to figure out exactly what our focus should be on, and figure out what support we may need from Phoenix Contact to make that happen. They have a wide range of tools we can elaborate on in this course.

Thank you again,