PowerFlex 525 Parameter, Input and Output Programming Tutorial in RSLogix Studio 5000

The PowerFlex 525 series of Variable Frequency Drives from Allen Bradley is highly utilized and respected within the automation field. The drives are compact, versatile and easy to use. We’ve written an extensive tutorial on how to get started with these drives in a previous tutorial; it covers how to initialize the drive, connect it to an EtherNet/IP based PLC and how to set the right parameters.

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We got a good question on the YouTube video on this post / video:
Wiring in the Pilot light, do you know where I can find the amp output (load) that the drive itself can put out? I am always wondering just how large of a load I can put on it.
That’s actually a very good question I was thinking about myself. I looked at the datasheet and got the following info: The relay outputs can switch up to 3A while the Opto isolated output (where I wired the LED) provides 50mA of current. It’s definitely not much, so you can easily burn the output if you wire up a big load. You’d probably want an external relay on those if you go that route.