PV Plus 600 Application conversion or migration

Hello I am starting to upgrade HMI from PV Plus 600 to Panelview 5310. Is there are way to convert project from FTView Studio ME to View Designer?

Hi, parth121

There is no FTview to ViewDesigner display conversion tool. the only thing they have developed in a FTViewME2ViewDesignerTagConversion tool, but they are only tags. the graphs you will have to do again.


Idania is 100% correct. See Rockwell Knowledge-base article ID: IN4854 which states exactly that. You’ll have to re-write the application.

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Not only will you have to re-write the PV application, but if you used any Globals in the original application, you’ll have to amend the PLC application too because there aren’t any in Studio View Designer (or Panelview 5310). Whilst the PV5000 series are lovely screens, I believe Rockwell have missed a trick here in not including Globals, so they’re not a straightforward upgrade. Hours of fun…