Quick Question _ Have you ever had a PLC programmers job?

How many have never had a PLC programmers job?

Just a basic survey, I am sure Vlad would also find this helpful to know.


I believe it’s a mix of people on the forum/site.

I was lucky enough to have landed a PLC programming position without knowing what a PLC was and never looked back. I was sent to a few Rockwell training sessions, by the time of which I knew more than what was thought, and really enjoyed the challenges of creating things.

It’s a field that pays well, has reasonable work expectations and plenty of room to grow and expand as you progress.


I began in maintenance and gradually moved into an electrical controls engineer position. Even though I went to college for electrical engineering, PLCs were not covered at all really, just touched on, and that is being generous.

Working in maintenance for a while to grow my knowledge and develop hands on skills benefited me greatly and has allowed me to be a better controls engineer.


Good morning people, am new to programming

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After electrical engineering degree, I joined a large steel making plant. It was the first plant built with PLC technology (mid 80s) and so as a part of maintenance team learnt to use ‘programming terminals’ (dedicated for PLC work) to trouble shoot, when certain process didn’t work. We were also trained in trouble shooting and maintenance of ( and rudimentary variable frequency drives for AC motors) thyristor based DC motor controls. When I switched job and country, I had the opportunity to work with PLC, HMI and SCADA a lot (mid 90s). Picked up new knowledge everyday and never looked back. I have written large programs for new systems or modified/upgraded exiting systems. Trouble shooting comes naturally (or thrust upon). PLC programming is only a small part of Control systems, as those involved need to have knowledge of HMI/SCADA programming, inter PLC communication, handling different types of variable speed drives, instrumentation, industrial protocols, the whole lot of electrical concepts and basically anything under the sky!

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My dream is to be a PLC programmer, i am a electrical engineer and i learned how to programme plc by ladder language and i’m always improving my skills , but still i never got job as a programmer.

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