Really want you to make a video on how to troubleshoot a system without labels and descriptions in the ladder logic software

I want to know how to diagnose a system without any labels and descriptions of the data types in the RsLogix 500, or 5000.

Just like any other “big” problem, you need to break it down… You start by identifying the I/O and what they’re tied to in the system, cross reference the tags, understand what the process looks like. It’s certainly a case-by-case basis and highly dependant on the application.

I’ve had to deal with conveying systems that had no descriptions in the program and very poor documentation. It had gone down and wouldn’t restart. An overload kept tripping. I had to trace the output that was resetting all overloads and understand what was failing. It took close to 6 hours to trace the wires, program tags, and to understand why it was failing and which conveyors it was starting.