"Remove Parameter" option for AOI?

I was using the JSR function and noticed that you can right click and remove the parameters you are not using. Does anyone know if you can do this to an AOI? I would like to make a parameter removable on an AOI if possible.


yes, sure. In properties of AOI, in the tap parameter, in the columns req (requerido) y vis (visible), you only can remove the parameter vis not req. the AOI refresh and ready.


As Idania mentioned, the parameter can be set to “required” or not. If it is not required, the programmer may choose to ignore it when creating an implementation. If it’s required by the AOI, there’s no way to avoid it. However, in certain cases, AOI developers will set limits not to check a parameter if it’s within a certain range. For example: if the Analog input is 0, it’s typically ignored by an AOI.

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