RSLogix 500 Emulate - Creating RSLogix 500 Emulator Environment, Going Online, Connecting to PLC

RSLogix 500 Emulator brings a lot of capability & accessibility to those who don’t have access to hardware or simply want to test certain logic before deployment. Working in RSLogix 500 Emulate is straight forward once everything is working & talking properly. However, it’s somewhat tricky to get this going for the first time. In this tutorial, we will be exploring how to get started in RSLogix 500, RSLinx & RSLogix 500 Emulate in order to bring a full program online within our computer.

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Hi, I am getting an error when I try to install the RSLogix Emulator 500. It is saying “The wizard was interrupted before rslogix emulate 500 6.00.00 (cpr 9) could be completely installed”. I am not able to figure out how to fix this. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

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I have not seen this error before. I believe that it’s related to your machine rather than the software you’re trying to install. I would try to install this on a blank version of a VM running Windows.

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